v10 Beta 1 Getting Close

Things are going remarkably smoothly today. I though I had about six more days of work before I could get v10 Beta 1 out, but it might just happen later today if no surprises happen.

v10 continues

Things are getting closer with v10. I’m happy with the new interface. I think it simplifies things for novices, reduces mouse movement, and provides larger work areas. There’s still a lot to be done, but it shouldn’t be very long until there is a fully functioning beta available.

Missed A Deadline

The schedule I made for myself for version 10 of 3DCrafter was pretty tight, and I didn’t quite make it. Hopefully there willl be a beta release in the next few days.

v10 First Run

Had some good success today. I saw v10 running in the new environment. It’s still really primitive, but I think it should start coming together fairly quickly.