3DC Coming to Windows Store

3DC should soon be available in the Windows Store. The Windows Store installer for 3DC is complete, and I’ll be submitting it for certification soon. This is a great development because it makes installation more reliable.

New 3DCrafter 10.1 Installer

I’m happy to say that a new and much improved installer for 3DCrafter 10.1 is now avilable. If you are trying the new 9.4 Beta or the 10.1 Alpha please uninstall before installing the new version. Both installers have changed considerably and there will definitely be issues if the old versions are left installed.

v10 Beta 1 Getting Close

Things are going remarkably smoothly today. I though I had about six more days of work before I could get v10 Beta 1 out, but it might just happen later today if no surprises happen.

v10 continues

Things are getting closer with v10. I’m happy with the new interface. I think it simplifies things for novices, reduces mouse movement, and provides larger work areas. There’s still a lot to be done, but it shouldn’t be very long until there is a fully functioning beta available.

Missed A Deadline

The schedule I made for myself for version 10 of 3DCrafter was pretty tight, and I didn’t quite make it. Hopefully there willl be a beta release in the next few days.