Unrecoverable Error #3800

Sorry about the slow reply. Thanks for the offer but I had enough of the parts saved separately to reconstruct it with some improvements.

I’ve searched the forum for a fix but I’m not seeing one anywhere. There’s discussion but no solution given. It happens when I’m trying to open a model that I’ve been working on and now it seems to be lost if I can’t open this file. Any solutions anyone has would be appreciated.

Just some further details. I have at this point:
-Restored XP SP3 to a point before the problem occurred .
-Uninstalled 3DC 7.1.2 completely and reinstalled.
No luck yet. The offending file won’t open without an ‘unrecoverable error #3800’ and 3DC closing.
I have bits and pieces of the model saved to the object library to give me an unaltered point to restart some parts but substantial parts and texturing work are gone unless the file can be recovered.

It sounds like a corrupt file. It might be possible for me to recover some part of it. I can’t say for certain. Can you send it to support2(at)amabils.com?

Good God…nearly 4 years ago and it is still happening in 9.2.2.
Thought it might have been fixed by now…27 times #3800 arose whilst texturing one side of a model…
now it comes up with error #0…spent 6 hours on this saving every 5 minutes,now i can;t get it too load…

Please after 4 years why is this not fixed?


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