Two Parts one pivot?!

A handy tip, thanks for that Peter.

Regards, Jack

Hey guys,

I am having a problem, I am trying to set up the pivot points for some axles on a rail vehicle, I hadn’t noticed until now but they share a pivot point! I shift the pivot so it is correct on one wheel and then select the other wheel and it shows the pivot point as the same, so I can’t make it central for both axles.

The objects share a group but I moved them into their own seperate groups but still the same effect, any ideas what I’ve missed?

Many thanks,

Regards, Jack

I think each group must have their own pivot. Objects in one group share them. child-group-pivots are in correlation to the parentgroup- pivot

I would…

Try the ‘ungroup’ function for the objects (axles) and move the new groups in the bogie group.

Export / Delete /Import one axle.

or use the object library for that.

Regards, J+�r+�me

Cheers J+�r+�me I’ll give that a go!

Regards, Jack

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