Train simulator wizard export problem

The problem is solved, 3DC 8.2 has the ability to convert the files to my document folder.



I have a problem with exporting a model with the train simulator wizard in 3DC 8.

Everything looks ok, exporter show me that the model is exported to C:SimulatorSteamsteamappscommonrailworksSourceDeveloper…. But when I open the folder, there is no files from 3DC. If I use the exporter in the file menu, the IGS file is exported to the Source folder without any problem. I have checked the security of the folders so all users can write to the RailWorks folder.

Is there any solution to this problem?

Thank you, Best regards

I just did a quick export test using the Trainworks wizard in 3DC 8.1.7 and my export went to C:Program FilesRail SimulatorSourceDeveloperAddonSceneryBuildings.

Are you sure that your export was directed at the Steam folder for Railworks, or to the old RailSimulator folder.

If it was directed to Steam, how did you change the configuration in the export wizard to do that?

The message says it was exportet to my RailWorks installation folder. I did have to locate the installation folder of Railworks when I started the wizard. I do not have Railsimulator installed, and I do not use the normal program files folder for RailWorks. I have searched for the IGS file on my C: drive, but I don’t find it.

Hi there, Im having a similar problem when trying to export to Railworks.
I had exported the model fine the first time into my source folder but had to make some changes to it. So this time clicking on export in the Trainworks folder did nothing at all.. no file in the source folder or anything.
Im using version 7 at the moment

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