Static Large RR Station for MSTS

Another question about creasing…

When you say andquot;Apply the creasing operationandquot;, do you mean do the following…

1. Select object
2. Select the creasing operation
3. exit the creasing operation
4. done?

or do you also andquot;fiddleandquot; with the creasing slider bar?

To what end?


Just bought LP version. andnbsp;The work area shows a limited number of blocks. andnbsp;I am working in feet and I need to construct a RR Station with a foundation dimension of 90Feet x 28 feet with a height of 12 feet (before adding my hip roof). andnbsp;How do I create a model this large on such a limited working platform? andnbsp;Do I create it in miniature and then resize? Please excuse this question if it is too elementary but I’m just getting started on this. andnbsp;Also, andnbsp;help in extruding the hip roof would be appreciated. andnbsp;Thanks

If you select Options form the Tools menu you can enter the size you would like for the grid.

Whether you want to do this or not is another story. Often it works best to work to the correct proportions and then scale to the right size. I like to fill the 10×10 grid with whatever I am working on and then scale to the right size. But it really depends on what you are working on. So, for example you could work in 1/10th’s units where 90 feet translates into 9 units or you could work in 90 units with a large grid.


Thanks Richard…. Two follow-ups… If I work in 1/10ths units and then scale up (assuming I locate the scaling tool) all faces will then be in proportion?? andnbsp;Do you recommend texturing before or after scaling? andnbsp; Any thoughts on the question I posed regarding hip roofs or should I just fool around till I become familiar. andnbsp; ALSO… I purchased and downloaded the LP version on Sept. 8 does that mean I already have 5.5 installed??? How can I verify that so I won’t have to download an entire new file?
Joe C.

Everything will be proportional after you scale. You can texture before scaling, but after you scale you should apply the Crease operation on the result.

The Help menu’s andquot;About 3DCandquot; will give you your version number.


What exactly does the creasing do? I don’t recall seing this in other 3d software.

The Crease operation adjust the amount of creases that are visible. It doesn’t change the andquot;geometryandquot; of the object, but is simply a andquot;rendering trickandquot;. This is sometimes called andquot;Smoothing Groupsandquot; or something similar in other software. I prefer andquot;Creasingandquot; since that’s the way I think about it.

You should play with the andquot;sliderandquot; to get the correct amount of creasing. A good thing to try is to try creasing/smothing primitives. It will give you an idea of how to use the operation.


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