Simulated Visible Light in 3DC

First you will need some type of paint program in which you can create a gradient texture(I’m using Project Dogwaffle). Create the gradient texture with the darker color on top(I used blue, with 800X600 32bit color), and white on bottom. Save this as a .bmp.

Next choose an object in 3DC to apply the texture to(I used a cone). Apply the texture with some where between 20 and 40 as a translucency value(I used 35), and voila!!! You now have an engine glow/flame that is semi-transparent.

When placing the glow/flame at the engine exhaust port on your ship, it will help to color the exhaust port face(s) a very bright white color(Diffuse 100, Ambient 100, andamp; Specular 100. This will add to the effect of the engine glow/flame.


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