Selecting all the interior faces of an object

At the moment I have been doing as was said above, select all then deselect the outside faces. Cheers for the help, in future I will try your method Paul.

Regards, Jack

How can I select all the interior faces of an object? I want extrude all the inside faces and I’m finding it difficult to select them all.

Thanks for any help,

Regards, Jack

Depending on the particular shape you might be using, one option is to select all faces and then individually unselect the outside faces.

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If I know I’m going to need to do this I make the object single sided.
Copy and paste the object back onto itself.
Invert it and position it at 0,0,0

This leaves me with 2 object so I can Select All faces on one of them for an extrude.

I then combine the objects and optimize/weld etc

What we sort of need is either the double side operation to create a new material on the new faces (so we can select it easily) or a double side with extrude.

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