Is there anyway I can change 3DC so it sends Train works wizard exports to my railworks which is on a different drive. I have rail sim installed still, but do not want to export to that at all now.

Trainworks Wiz is so easy to use, and for messy modellers like me, having the textures exported as well is a real bonus.

I think is about time, that there should be an option like mentioned before for Railworks on the Train Simulator wizard.
As the exported .ACE textures on Railworks are different to Rail Simulator; it would be a good idea to have that as added option, so that it cateres for both simulators and make the exporting process a lot easier for Railworks users.
At present you have to identify each texture used, go into the RW source folder, delete the .ace files generated by the current trainworks wizard. Then copy each of the identied textures into the source folder of RW (Railworks), then open up another program to convert the textures into the new .ace format for Railworks.

Also could the identification of parts screen in the trainworks wizard be about 70% larger please, to enable better viewing and manipulation


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The point I make is that you have to convert the old style .ace format as mentioned in my previous message, why should we have to that. Much easier to have the wizard to do it for you.

Well, you can purchase this game using the Steam service (digital download). You can use PayPal as a payment method as well which you don’t need a credit card for. You can link your bank account to your PayPal account to make purchases without a credit card.

Sorry, I don’t know of any actual US retailers that would carry this game if you cannot find it at your local EB Games or GameStop.

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