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AlexEdwin has reported a similar issue with the tutorials.

Basically, I agree with you. It’s not absolutely ideal, but the best I could come up with.

I’ll keep it in mind, but at the moment these things are ‘locked’. I’m dedicated to fixing bugs, working on ‘plug-ins’, and the .NET version.

Love the new detachable panels that allows me to put them on the second screen and use the full primary screen for the view ports!
But I find it a little annoying that hierarchy and is locked in the same panel as the other properties.
Having to switch tabs a lot cause hierarchy is something I would like to have available all the time.
Would it be possible to have hierarchy in it’s own panel?
And tutorial I suggest have a window of it’s own so that you can go through the tutorial open and look at anything else in 3DC.

Regards, Anders

I would you handle all those single panels on 1 monitor?

Well ideal would be if one could choose per tab which panel it goes into and then on a single monitor you could put them all into the same panel if you like.
Or you can have the panel automatically go away when you don’t use them and show again when you hover the mouse over that part of the screen.

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