Problem with viewport

Persistent problem with VIEW–>Select Views

New model created… however, many pre-built components were inserted from my library of parts.

This does not happen immediately, however, after working on the model for a while, I received a crash notification on opening a new session on the existing model. All I had done in a previous session was to apply a material to 1 object. By default, Crafter 8(1127) had reset my settings.

I was then able to open the model after resetting all my normal settings with the exception of view… so I only had 1 view port. I needed to reload to re-enable trainworks… upon reloading the model, all was good until I tried to restore my multi-viewport options. Then it crashed again while setting viewport.

Up till now, this model had been saving and loading just fine.

The display "viewport" area will soon go totally black and the program will not update the viewport. Restarting is the only option.

It’s possible that there is a corruption somewhere. A couple of options:

1) Select all shapes and apply an "optimize" operation.
2) Do a "compact all".

I either case, you should immediately save as a NEW file, close and reopen 3DC.

I’d try #1 first. Then you don’t lose anything.

I am beginning to see that maybe my long history of keeping pre-built parts to save time may be a problem here. Crafter 8 Does tell me that it is updating my part collections to version 8 when I initially load them. I’m pretty sure that version 7 did not have a problem with these collections.

Anyway, I will try this process you mentioned.

Well, it is a method of recovery… but after a long session of creating, manipulation and texturing… the viewport will eventually go bonkers and I will have a "hang". Not an error message per se, but the system will eventually inform me that Crafter has stopped responding.

So, did what I suggested have any positive effects?

Well, initially, the steps seemed to help me recover. At first I did just step 1 to recover. After a few re-occurances… I tried both. Basically, after a number changes to the scene, primarily creating new parts using Lathe and Extrude… I ran into the problem all over again… It starts out as my menu’s going blank… then the viewport essentially scrambles… then goes blank and the program goes non responsive.

My system is Wondows 7 ultimate 32-bit sp1 with a ATI 1G Radeon. Nothing special… but not under powered.

In the case of the last time it occurred, my solution was simpler, just to fall back to an older version… which was a save from an hour or so prior. I just started saving more often.

This has me sort of scratching my head trying to figure out what is going wrong or how I can avoid it. I try to keep the model small now by making many saves and optimizing/compacting as I go.

I don’t have any good ideas at the moment on how to correct/improve things

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