POVRay Position Coordinates ???

Hi All,

Can someone explain to me how the "position" coordinates work in POVRay ???

Typically I see them defined by three numbers <0,0,0>…

While I have tried to play with the numbers I still haven’t been able to ascertain what each parameter defines…


Hi Scott,

I don’t know much about Povray.
But I sometimes alter the light position, to get nicer shadows in my renders.
I think they are just x,y and z positions of the light source, just like in 3DCrafter.



Hi Gerrit,

As always – thanks for taking the time to reply… I’ve been playing around with this a bit and I still haven’t got a good grip how these coordinates actually work… I’ve simplified my POVRay script to only have one light source… Do you think this source is always focused on the central point of the model and we are just moving the origination point of the light ??? What controls intensity ??? I believe we can position lights in 3DC and the lights are then exported to POVRay with the rest of the model… I’ll keep playing with it…
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[code:w9w8t7eu]light_source {
&lt;135,135,135&gt; // light’s position
color rgb 1&#46;3 // light’s color
photons { // photon block for a light source
refraction on
reflection on




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