Plugin Development for Version 7

hey wacampbell,
i found this sight that may be of some interest to you..its about writing scripts and plugins for 3dc…
hope it helps, pirate

write scripts and plugins

I am a long time 3DC user and am thinking about purchasing a version 7 upgrade. I am wondering if version 7 brings anything new with respect to plugin development. I think previous versions required plugins to be developed in VB6. Does the new version support the .NET development environment? Could someone point me to the best location for tutorials and info on developing plugins for 3DC.



from what i understand version 7 uses vbscript or jscript. this is the info i found on the subject…

this shows available plugins:[img:3gfrfnag][/img:3gfrfnag]
plugins available

this gives info on making plugins and scripts:
make plugins and scripts

this goes to msdn for loads of info on jscript and vbscript
loads of info

hope this helps, pirate

Plugins are still VB6.
I had an attempt with .NET but it didn’t run.
Scripts are eith VBSript or jscript.

No tutorials other than the samples Richard gives. I’m quite happy to send the source of any of mine that you want to look at.

Thanks for the info guys.

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