Operations and plugins not appearing?

It’s possible that you got a corrupt download. It happens. If you re-download, especially since it has been a while, you probably will get a valid download.

So I reinstalled 3DC and began reinstalling the trainsim extras and the msts plugins etc etc But certain operations are not showing up for example the double side operation.

Now the DLL files are in the correct place however they don’t show on the menu, I checked in the options to make sure they checked to appear but the don’t even appear in that menu. Any ideas?

I am running XP SP2 and I removed the old upgrades before the fresh install of 3DC.

Regards, Jack

Did you turn on all the operations in the options menu?

I had tried but they didn’t appear there as an option, any more ideas?

Ok. In my installation, I have Paul’s DoubleSide7.dll in the 3DC 7Operations folder. For what it’s worth, mine is dated as modified 2/4/2008 or created 12/7/2008. I suspect that if those don’t match then you should download the latest addin pack from Paul’s site.

I have the old version, so I D/L the new one and on install I get an error saying ‘Error attempting to read 3DCPlugins71.msi’?

It’s not my day……….

Thanks for the help, Jack


Do you, perhaps, need to re-register your copy of 3DC following the re-install? Some of the plugins are only available to a registered ‘pro’ or ‘trainworks’ version I think.

I had put the code in as soon as I installed it but before I installed the plugins, but they still don’t show up. There are in the folder but 3DC isn’t seeing them and I can’t figure out why?

Regards, Jack

I’m not sure you have the correct version of the updated plugins there – try this download for 3DC 7.1.2

<!– m –><a class="postlink" href="http://cid-06b528339820717e.sk…ds/3DCPlugins712.zip">http://cid-06b528339820717e.sk…ds/3DCPlugins712.zip</a>&lt;!– m –>

If that fails I would uninstall 3DC again, also uninstall my 3DC plugins too.
Make sure the 3DC Folder is gone from program files.
Reinstall 3DC, put in reg code and make sure it all runs. Then reinstall the 7.1.2 plugins.

I get ‘Error attempting to read 3DCPlugins71.msi’ When trying to install that version of the plugins?

I started over and made sure it was all gone but then I got the error installing the plugins. Not sure why I get that error? I’m guessing it’s a problem my end?

Regards, Jack

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