One Click Apply Texture Button (Available)

Never mind…. I found the button I was looking for under the operations tab!

I guess that makes sense, since it’s an operation. I guess I just expected to find it on the materials tab somewhere.

Would it be possible to add a single button to the texture interface that would apply the selected texture/color to all selected faces?

I looked through the tutorials and I’ve tried different methods to accomplish this, but what it boils down to is that I would like to be able to select multiple faces and have a ‘one click’ texture application for those faces.

I’m currently working on a model of a pencil with a metal tip which is chrome except for one section that is painted red (it’s a sanford turquoise drawing pencil).

Because I’ve extruded and beveled specific faces on a cylinder to create the object, now I have numerous faces I need to paint red in between the two molded areas.

If I had a ‘one click’ I could just select the faces and click it to apply my texture.

If there is a way to do this that I am missing, rather than trying to apply the texture/color one face at a time, I would be thrilled to find it.


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