Objects following the the surface of another

I see, so cookie cutter it so to speak from the roof profile.


If I have a curved surface like a curved roof how can I take another object a cube for example (to make a roof panel) follow the surface of the roof?


Regards, Jack

To follow curves I usually copy and paste part of the curve then extrude


Select the width needed and copy.

Paste back onto the roof object (creating a sub-group)
Scale the length to the correct size.
Select all faces and extrude.

Position the sub group back to 0,0,0 then move the new object into the same group as the roof.

Ah, clever!


What if you have a more complex shape? like triangles on a freight car roof? I was thinking of starting with a box then adding the triangles, joining selected, then creating points and edges from those points so there are 5 or 6 edges running the length of the roof, and finally lifting those points to make the curve?

Sound like a flawed plan?

Regards, Jack

The trick is to get the shape to extrude made from the curved surface.

You could copy the whole roof object then do a boolean operation to create the complex shape surface to extrude.

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