Non-square in size textures

It should work.

Texture coordinates are relative and are measured as percentages across and up a texture – it does not matter what size or shape the texture is.


I am using the 8.1 Pro Version.

In Railworks, as mentioned on this page: [img:2sj6mytg][/img:2sj6mytg]
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Textures can be non-square in size, as long as the size represents a factor of 2.

I tried to view a 128×1024 texture.
This message appeared: The texture is too tall to be displayed with proper dimensions.
Pressing OK give me the viewing of the texture, but it was 128×1024, thus impossible to enter the cropping parameters.

Is it possible to view the texture in a square box to be able to enter the cropping parameters?


In theory you could resize the texture for 3DC to something a bit more square e.g. 256×512 which should work in the texture cropping.

Then convert the original 128×1024 to an ACE file for the export to RS/RW

Don’t think it could work…

At beginning, I was using portion of a texture of 1024×1024 in 3DC.
To try what would happen if I use a 128×1024 texture in Railworks, I convert the portion used for the object in 3DC.
I then get a 128×1024 ace texture.

When viewing in the Railworks editor, there was the right portion of the texture black, then missing.

If in 3DC, I enter as parameters: 0.0005 0.0 0.123 and 1.0, 3DC certainly use those parameters in the IGS file.

A 256×512 in 3DC cannot give the same result of a 128×1024 in Railwork.

To Richard Borsheim:

Would it be better to view the original 128×1024 texture in a Viewing Box of 1024×1024 to be able to enter the parameters.
Be able to enter the parameters in another box.


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