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The problems you are having may have something to with creasing. The function I use to create the LODs simplifies differently depending on the how the model has been creased. You could try re-creasing parts to see if it helps, or do a little bit of experimenting with more or less creasing to see what the effect is. But as I said the previous post, the current support is not set in stone. It could change, but I can’t say for sure that it will with the MSTS2 exporter.


I don’t think Hack is right on this one.


Did I hear you say MSTS2 Exporter in the previous thread ? andnbsp;Now that sounds encouraging! andnbsp; It is great to hear that your MSTS support will continue. andnbsp;I wasn’t looking forward to switching modelling software. andnbsp;

Could I perhaps press my luck and ask for manual control of LOD’s in this exporter?


Wayne andnbsp;

Yes, the plan is to support MSTS2 and if they don’t mess with the format too much it should be possible. I can’t see why it wouldn’t be.

As for LOD control. I like what 3DC has, but that doesn’t mean that the current support is set in stone. It all comes down to priorities. MSTS2 support is definitely a priority, but significant changes to LOD are not at this time.


I made this suggestion on the train-sim MSTS2 forums and I was told by Hack that MSTS LOD already simplifies objects in this manner. andnbsp;I suggested that cylinders should be seen rectangular cubes or that cones would be seen as pyramids at long distances from an object.
Hack said all 3D video games do this already. andnbsp;I did not want to debate it, so I let it go.


I’m sorry Richard, but I am still not happy with the full LOD modelling that 3DC does, which turns my models into triangles at a still viewable distance (creating and optimising does not cure that). I can only really use the near/far LOD model.

In addition, it would be nice to be able to completely replace a complex object with a simpler object at a distance, eg replace a cylindrical factory chimney with a rectanglular one. Perhaps this could be done on group properties, with checkboxes for each LOD distance that the group is to be included in. On creation of a group, the first couple of LOD distances could be checked by default. andnbsp;:)

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