Minor Suggestions

Ok, I just want to say I fully support thes ideas! Just the other day I wanted to recall a previously selected sub-set of faces…

And I still want to be able to zoom in like I can with UV remap operation when I am initially applying the texture with the Material Panel – Crop Texture operation.

Since I dont get into the technical side of modeling so much, I can only think of a few things that I would like to see added to 3DC if possible.

1) In the Unwrap Operation, let 3DC save each unwrapped area as a separate bitmap rather than saving all the unwrapped areas in just one file.

2) An option or function to re-select the same points, edges, faces, areas, or entire objects which were selected for the last operation.

I think these would be nice timesavers if they are possible.

Just to add to what Les mentioned. I would also like to see the unwrap operation allow unwrapping to a couple of different file formats including .bmp. Perhaps .tga and .png ?

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