Lost Serial Number

I have seemed to have lost the Amabilis email with my serial number. I think I will need it resent. Can you please resend.

It if for 3d Crafter Pro.


If you get an email from Richard about your serial number, could you please let the forum community know. I don’t believe he’s posted anything on the forums since August of last year. Then we’d know he’s at least reading the posts here. Thanks.

Hi Chris,

I\’ve sent some emails to Richard without receiving a response – so I wouldn\’t hold my breath for a new license code from him…


I just checked and the licenses are actually processed by SWREG (Digital River)… I\’ve had similiar issues where the original developer wasn\’t around or no longer responsive – I reached out to Digital River and they had a record of the sale… They immediately provided me my missing keys… The software was \”ancient\” as I had purchased it years previously… A pleasure to work with…



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