Looking for Suggestion on modeling this

I’m pretty sure that andquot;mergeandquot; won’t remove the unused faces on the inside. andnbsp;I think a andquot;unionandquot; would, however (it’s one of the boolean ops probably on the lower right side of your screen). andnbsp;Here I will tell you that I’ve tried your technique (lining up different objects to form the shape), and then when putting them together via a union, or just exporting it and seeing it in the sim, sometimes I see some side effects from where the objects andquot;fitandquot; together.

For example, I always seem to have a hard time getting the objects to fit together so that there isn’t a visible seam (especially when viewed in the sim), either due to shading of the two different surfaces not matching up exactly, or due to texturing. andnbsp;To avoid those kinds of seams, I usually try to avoid making things that should be a single smooth object out of multiple objects.

What I would try to make something like that would be to make something like a lathe object, use a large cube and the boolean subtraction to andquot;flattenandquot; one side of it, and then grab the face(s) on the flat end and pull them to the length of the car.

Here is a VERY rough approximation I came up with using the technique I just described. . .If you need more info let me know.

[BLOCKQUOTE class=’ip-ubbcode-quote’][font size=’-1′]quote:[/font][HR]1) If you still have your object history you may be able to andquot;removeandquot; the merges from the layers list.

2) You could select all of the faces that make up a andquot;beamandquot; and andquot;cutandquot; them and andquot;pasteandquot; them.

I very rarely andquot;mergeandquot; objects since it is usually adequate to move them to the same group.

Richard [HR][/BLOCKQUOTE] andnbsp;taken from a different post

In this case, is merging a good idea, as all the other faces would be a waste of resource, and I want to model the interior?


I am going to model this passenger consist, but am curious how others might go about modeling the observation car?

My thoughts are to:
1. extrude the body of the car by drawing it from a top-down view
2. then extrude to the appropriate height
3. form the roof with the bevel tool (the rounded end roof is the real source of confusion)

Am I on the right track? (so to speak)

I don’t know if this is the easy or hard way, but the bevel did some funny things near the peak of the rounded roof, so I just lined up four objects closely and andquot;object unioned’dandquot; them. andnbsp;This is before all the unions were completed. andnbsp;


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