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Locomotive .s export

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andnbsp; By MRRextreme ( on Thursday, July 26, 2001 – 06:09 pm: andnbsp;

I have 3DC Pro 4.1. I upgraded to 3DC Pro 4.2. Is there a special export option for a locomotive? I just see the same MSTS export option as before.

andnbsp; By Richard Borsheim (Richard_Borsheim) ( on Thursday, July 26, 2001 – 06:25 pm: andnbsp;


It is exactly the same it just does a bunch of new stuff. There are a whole lot of procedures in the tech docs that come with MSTS as to what is needed for an engine.

The naming convention that they have must be used, I think, and you must name the object’s andquot;Frameandquot; not the object itself (though you can name both if you want).

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