lock / unlock shift operation (Resolved in 3DC 7.2)

I made a change in 7.2 that makes 3DC less sensitive and should result in fewer (hopefully no) unwanted shifts.

Let me know how it goes when the new version goes out. I can make more sensitive adjustments if required.

I’d like to make it an option of some sort, but it takes much more effort to make options and I don’t have the time currently.

When in ‘Point and face selection mode’ and, for example selecting a face, it is very easy to trigger an unwanted shift operation (of a small, unoticable amount).

It’s still possible to undo at once. But if I don’t realize at once and if I compact the object, the shift cannot be removed.
Furthermore, during the unwanted shift, user control is lost for a short moment.

My suggestion : an icon to lock / unlock the shift operation.

Very annoying. I’m regularly experiencing unwanted shifts. So I display the object layer to be able to undo them.

Nobody is annoyed by this?

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