Library object changes update scene

I really think this would be a powerful feature. andnbsp; I come from a PovRay background where we would handle this with an object declaration, often in an include file. andnbsp; Change the oject and all occurences in the scene are automatically changed. andnbsp; In 3DC, an update links button could accomplish the same thing, where a special type of group would retain information about its source library object, and update itself on command. andnbsp; Sorry for the hard sell on this, but I thought I might not have expressed myself well and I wanted to be sure you understood what I am after.


Richard, andnbsp;here is one that I would really like to see – a way to add objects to a scene ‘by reference’ with a live link back to their source object file. andnbsp; For example, if I have a wheel object in the library and add it to the scene, I would like to be able to modify the library copy of the wheel, and have the scene update automatically to reflect the changes. andnbsp; I realize that the objects would probably not be editable in the scene. andnbsp;Since your data structures may not set up for this sort of external reference, you might be able to just add a field to lockout editing and include the name of the source file. andnbsp; We could have an ‘update links’ button that updates any of these linked objects from their source files.

What do you think?

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