import problem

Hi everyone, I have a problem, I design with sketchup 2013 pro version so I export on OBJ file and then use 3Dcrafter to convert on IGS for TS 2014, and never got any problem with import module of 3dcrafter but today come out it, the OBJ file more than 30MB, I want import it, but got a error message a few minutes later. The import module is limited with file size ?

The error message is : an error occured while importing. Please let us know the problem report and bla bla bla ; no number nothing

My configuration is : Win 8.1×64, 3Dcrafter pro 9.2.2 ver 27 october 2013

Thanks in advance for your help

I know the best software to convert is 3DSmax 2014 but a bit to complex for me. And 3Dcrafter convert well

Problem resolved by 3DSmax 2014

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