How cut out windows ???

I have an face and in this face i want to cut out 2 windows. How can i do that. Because now when i press shape substraction a part is cut out but other parts not.
Is there an tutorial how to cut windows out or somebody can explain to me how it works in 3dCrafter ?


You cannot make two or more subtractions from a face without causing a lot of distortion. What I do when I need to cut windows in a passenger coach face is to sub-divide each side face so that the number of sub faces equals the number of windows and doors on each side of the coach (i.e. each window/door has its own face). I then select each sub-face individually and duplicate that sub-face in the exact same position as the original sub-face, thus creating a new face. I then select the new face and hide everything else, run the double side plugin and extrude the rear of the face to create a solid object. You can then use the subtract tool to cut a neat hole in the new object. When done, delete the rear and side faces of the new object so that only the front face with the cut out window remains. Un-hide everything and then hide the new face you have just created. Delete the original face and un-hide the new face. It will occupy the space originally taken by the deleted face. Repeat this process for all the remaining windows/doors. You can then place all the individual faces you have created into a single group or, if you wish, merge them all into one object.

There may be other ways of doing this, but I find this method most satisfactory. It takes longer to describe than to actually do.


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