Help !…Toostore tuturial


I wrote the tutorial using v4.1 and since then Richard has added all sorts of things, including the automatic creation of .S files in Unicode. I must find time to update the tutorials some day.

Ian M.

Just started to use 3DC PRO and started with the tuturial Creating an SR concrete Toolstore with 4.23 and…

I have two ??

1. Convert .s file to unicode, I get :

Txt2uni.exe toolstore.s
toolstore.s is already a unicode

So does 3DC PRO v 4.23 convert this for me into Unicode ?

2. Putting toolstore into MSTS using Route editor :

Error: continue?
No extented shape data for toolstore.s
Yes / No

I’m going to try again using v5, but I might be missing something so obvious to someone here… help !

It was obvious !

I did not put the .sd file with the .s file, in shapes…

(Excuse : I only saw .s files not the .sd files in shapes folder)

Anyway exellent 3DC V 5 and Toolstore Tuturial…
here is my very first model for MSTS :
<!– m –><a class="postlink" href=""></a>&lt;!– m –>
……No stopping me now !

3DC V 5 worked well, but had no pictures of the Primatives ?(But I knew where the CUBE PRIMATIVE was anyway)

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