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I think the biggest problem I have with version 9 etc at the moment is the fact that the documention is so far behind.
I really want use the new textures features, but I just have no clue how to do so.
But I need to see an example and have instructions how to use these super toys.

I wonder if we are not our own worse enemies as far as this is concerned, maybe we should be doing our own how to articles and such.
I need to see how to use the auto unwrap, and more importantly how it works.
I know it prob has limitations, some I have found with the one tank I did use it on. Is there others, and is there a way around these problems.
can you and how do you take unwraps from more then one part and include them on the same texture, and how does 3dc remember how to map these after I have had them in photoshop.?

then theres re map etc etc…..

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