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Still a little unsure of the best method to remove the interior wall in the tube that passes through itself as in a Klein Bottle since the throat is round and the triangles are polygons that go outside of the tube as well. I would like to remove just the circular area of the wall that is inside the tube w/out affecting anything outside the tube

Hi All
I had imported a Klein Bottle Formula Object from Carrara as an obj and was trying to remove the part of the wall where the stem passes through itself to merge with the opening, and was wondering if there was a faster way to select and delete numerous faces instead of just Grow, which just seems to select a ring around the face selected.

A wand type tool would be ideal that could just drag over the area to select.

Is there any faster multiple face selection method one can apply in this situation?

you can use the group selection tool…it is located just below the point and face selection tool….you will need to hold down the shift key and left click and drag mouse to select the faces in the area you wish to select…then turn on point and face selection and hold down control key and click on the unwanted faces selected to deselect them….hope this helps…pirate

It helps in selecting a larger rectangular area, But when I deleted the selection, all the underlying faces on the walls underneath the selected faces went with it…

I was able to hold Ctrl on the first selected face, while doing multiple Grows to keep growing the size of the selection.
A shortcut key for grow would speed that up considerably while holding down Ctrl

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