GlossMaps and BumpMaps for MSTS

Hi Wayne,

There are quite a few other improvements for S files I have discovered recently.

I can get over the 3000 poly limit per group and using sub-objects you can get past the 12K poly barrier.
Also tiny polygons (where one edge is andlt;2mm can also cause problems)
I’m writing a program to fix existing models, but a new exporter would be better.

Richard was going to review the S export at some point but has been busy with other tasks.

We’ve probably got about another year or 2 before MSTS1 gets retired.

If Richard doesn’t do it first, I may have a go.

There was some dialog dialog a year or so back about some undocumented shaders in MSTS to add environment mapping ( simulated reflections ) and bump mapping to MSTS models. See here:

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I’ve given it a try through manual editing of the shape files and it works well. It would be great if 3DC’s MSTS exporter would support these features – any plans?


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