Follow-up on Shape Load Failure

You will have to re-map. When you change the shape of your textures your mapping will be lost.


Not sure how to send those files … seem large. andnbsp;Not familiar with ZIP files…. advice would be helpful….!. andnbsp;Or I could send them one by one………….I’ll try that.
Joe C.

I don’t see any reason off hand why it shouldn’t work. But it is hard to say with MSTS.

If you want, you can send me the model and the textures and I can see if I can find a reason. (<!– e –><a href=""></a><!– e –>)


Richard…….I’ve attached a wireframe screenshot of the station which gives me the andquot;failed to load shapeandquot; error. andnbsp;Perhaps too many polys??? andnbsp;How can I reduce the number w/o ruining the textures I’ve applied? andnbsp;Any suggestions?
Joe C.

Just checked the properties and found 360 faces with 612 points……….doesn’t seem excessive. andnbsp;How would this affect the shape loading ???
Joe C.

Thanks Larry………Once I find this out….is there a way to safely reduce them without ruining the textures I’ve applied?
Joe C.

It turned out to be something simple. MSTS reqiures textures to be one of the following sizes:

64×64, 128×128, 256×256 or 512×512 pixels

I’ll add this to the MSTS material tutorial.



You should be able to right click on your station and select andquot;Select Hierarchyandquot; then right click on the station again and select andquot;Propertiesandquot; to find out how many points and faces you have.


Remapped after redoing the textures. andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; All is well. andnbsp;thanks so much for your continued excellent support.
You are the best.

Richard……….Which Textures were the wrong size and how do I andquot;fix itandquot;! andnbsp;I thought I had used all proper square textures…………guess not!
Please advise how I do a repair job without corrupting the texture files or their appearance on the model.

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