First cut (By David Bollinger)

First cut

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andnbsp; By David Bollinger on Sunday, April 08, 2001 – 07:44 pm: andnbsp;

I realize this is incredibly crude, but hows this for a first cut at the figure to occupy a cockpit. Suitably scaled and behind a canopy, it ought not look too bad. At least the cockpit won’t look empty.

Richard, I’ve searched the web far and wide looking for andquot;people primitivesandquot; and I can’t find any. I guess I’m going to have to make them myself. I have zip/sero/nada artistic ability with organic things…maybe now’s the time to learn. And I suppose I’m gonna have to break down and do the skin tutorial, though how I’d build something like that ank skin I can only guess.

This one was build with cube and cylinder primatives, scaled and smoothed, then hinged to gether to approximate human limbs. I tried the blend boolean and it horsed up the arm instead of blending the connections together. Maybe I need to fiddle with the settings a bit.

I am open to suggestions! I will need people for the hangar scene. A totally uninhabited hangar will look downright strange. (g)

C ya, Dave

andnbsp; By Simon Hachey on Sunday, April 08, 2001 – 07:52 pm: andnbsp;

WOW! Thats nice! I think that would look great in the cockpit!


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