Fill Untextured

I do not have 3DC installed at the moment due to a drive crash so can not check this.
But from memory that command like many others requires that you have a part selected first.
Select the whole model and try the filled untextured.

I have made a complex model (for me ) there is a face untextured. When I go to the Fill Untetured button I have a message This selection is not supported by this plugin. I have had a look around to see if I can find a plugin I downloaded the plugins on this site. This has not changed the message.

Any advice please


Hi Kevin,

I’m not sure what version of 3DC you are using – but I still think 7.1.2 is the only one ready for prime time… I know I have used the ‘Fill Untextured’ plugin numerous times without a problem in that version… I haven’t tried it in version 8 yet…

I don’t have 3DC in front of me…

Did you have the model hierarchy selected before running the plugin ??? Did you have a valid texture selected before running the plugin ???

Another way you can determine which object is untextured to ‘Print Hierarchy’ – it should list each object and I think it denotes which textures are used…

I think there is a ‘Show Untextured’ plugin too…

Hope this helps…


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