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Cheers Bazza!

Regards, Jack

I’ve created a figure/character building pack which is available from the 3DC download section….7 Megs
It’s sort of a quick start character building idea, using a series of base figures to create the character you want.
There are some lengthy ReadMe notes, with a few hints and tips. Three of the figures are unwrapped with instructions on how to re-paint these to your own design.
Two of the unwrapped figures also have a basic walk animation done with 3DC.
The 3DC files should load OK into any 3DC version from onwards…let me know if there are any problems with this.
I’m off on my hols for a week but when I get back I’ll do some tuts with some more hints and tips.
This is the set of base figures in the pack.


The unwrapped and animated Warrior Guy.


The unwrapped and animated Creature thingie


The Unwrapped but not animated worker guy. This was unwrapped to a 512×512 texture, the Warrior and Creature to a 1024×1024 texture.
Anyway, have fun…try out your animation skills on the worker guy.


The link seems to be incorrect. Points to the Low Polygon Figures with Animation (815k)


Whoops… Sorry. I’ve fixed that now.

Bazza, thank you for these models! I shall enjoy trying to modify them ^_^

Thanks,hope you find them useful as a starting point. Post some WIP pics sometime, I would like to see them.


thanks, bazza
this is very good work..i have a game i would like to use some of these in if its ok with you..when i make something cool i’ll make sure you get it..
thanks, pirate

Sure, use them as you wish


With the release of v7.0.5 the ambient light is now back to normal so ignore any reference in the ReadMe notes about changing the lighting when loading these files into V7.

For this model I started out with the guy wearing a jacket and trousers, reduced the poly count quite a bit by selecting and triming unwanted points and edges, then extruded the coat tails from the jacket.
Removed the ears and selected the faces around the head to form the helmet, then extruded these and moved the points around to get the helmet shape.
Then set about moving points and edges around to create the final shape for the rest of the body.
The belt isn’t built into the model, just painted on to the unwrapped texture.

If you have a go at this try to keep the model symetrical, if you move a point on the left side of the figure select the same point on the right side also.



Cheers for this package, I have a question, I have read the readme and rules for redistribution are not specified? Are there any to observe? or are these purely to expirement with?

Regards, Jack

i asked bazza at one time a good while ago and he said i could use the models however i wanted…i am sure that would mean anyone can use them…pirate

Just make sure you give credit where credit is due…

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