Few questions

1. Not sure what you mean. If you mean import, then no.

2. Any standard bitmap image will do the job.

3. Yes. There is a tutorial in the help file.

4. Photoshop filter. It is described in more detail in the help file.


Hey, im kind of gettin the hang of 3DC but i have a few questions.

1. Is there a way to export a skeleton or a skeletal model to a 3DC object?

2. How do i make a background image?

3. Can i animate textures?

4. Also what is a filter? it says filter when you record. could someone send me one?

And thats all i can think of, hope you guys can help, peace

Oh, and b4 i forget, how do you reposition that little axis thing in an object?

Use the shift tool on the right to reposition it.


Thanks guys, the background image question was reffering to like, is there a way to make a background without making a big flat square and texturing it, cuz thats what im doing right now. There is a button that says view background or something. So what is that reffering to? Thanks again for your help.

Ahhh.. I understand now. Thanks Simon. Yes you can. What you need to do is Alt-Select the root of the object, then right-click on the selection and then select andquot;Export Selection-]3DC Objectandquot; from the popup menu.


1. Right click on the root object, and it will select all the objects. Then just add it too the library.


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