Extrusion object. . .multiple dimensions?

Ah ha! andnbsp;You led me to something there. . .I could create [i:2knc0012]two[/i:2knc0012] extrusion objects, and then take the intersection. . .create the original shape, extra-thick as you say. . .then create an extrusion object based on the side view. andnbsp;Put the second extrusion object inside the first, take the intersection. andnbsp;That might work! andnbsp;Thanks Alan, sometimes it takes a andquot;neutralandquot; third party to stimulate the brain process andnbsp;;D

The subject might be confusing, but it’s the best way I could think of to word it. andnbsp;Basically, I’ve been racking my brain over the best way to accomplish modelling a front plow for my diesel locomotive. andnbsp;It has a somewhat complex profile viewed from the front (as shown in the attached screenshot). andnbsp;I have been modelling this using the extrusion object tool as shown. andnbsp;So viewed straight-on, it looks good. andnbsp;The problem is that the plow needs to look curved from the side, also (see screenshot in next message). andnbsp;I can’t seem to figure out a good way to extrude from the front, and curve the object from the side view. . .I could extrude the curve from the side, but then I’d still have to create the front profile by hand. andnbsp;Is there something I’m missing in one of the other two windows of the extrude object tool that would let me warp the extrusion in this other dimension?

Does anyone understand what the heck I’m trying to say? andnbsp;I barely do andnbsp; andnbsp;By the way, even though it’s about trains, I decided to post here in GD because my question isn’t specific to TrainSim.

Thanks! andnbsp;

Could you use the extrude tool to andquot;make the shapeandquot; and then use the boolean tools to andquot;round itandquot; ? (ie make the right shape but extra thick (good with these technical terms aint I?) and then remove a cylinder at the front and a cresent at the back ?)

How about extruding it from the side view and then subtracting the andquot;notchesandquot;?

Or building it with the face tool, though that would require repositioning all the points.


Here’s what it needs to look like from the side. . .

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