Export Hierarchy and parents/children

I found my personal work around for the crashing asset editor while exporting the blueprint with the 3dc creation connected to it.

1. after the blueprint is ready for export hit ‘export’ button
2. wait for the msg in the bp-editor windowsbar ‘no respond’
3. click on the ‘X’ of the 2nd window for previewing behind it to force the closing of the tool.
4. all necessairy converions and filecreations will be done by the asset editor before the OS kicks it out of the system.

I have been exporting some models and when I put them into rail sim only the part I had selected during the export process is seen, I assumed everything below it in the hierarchy would go with it, wrong! Do all the parts need to be children to the main export part in order to go with it, or have I missed something else?

Any help would be appriciated!

Regards, Jack

Has no one else here exported a locomotive model in to KRS? When I export which part do I need to select? Here is my Hierarchy; the part I export is ‘Underframe’ 3DC says it should bring the rest with it, is my hierarchy wrong?


Thanks for any help,

Regards, Jack

That looks as if it should work ok, though you will have to select the underframe part, at the bottom of your heirarchy list, rather then the heirachy group you have highlighted.


Thanks for the reply,

That’s what I’ve been doing but all that shows up in the sim is the Underframe, I’m at a complete loss what to do.

Is there any sort of poly limit my model may be exceeding, it weighs in at 26,000 polys?

This is so frustraiting, at this rate I’ll be wait for MSTS 2 <!– s:o –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_surprised.gif" alt=":o" title="Surprised" /><!– s:o –>

Regards, Jack

Have you take a look on this topic ‘sub objects did not appear in asset-manager’.
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I write a name in the ‘Rail Sim’ Field of all the objects. now the export is ok.

possibly its this?

((I personally would make one bogie with 2 wheels- objects. ?? ))


Many thanks for directing me to that thread, it seems like all the symptoms are there. I will have to try tomorrow(later today)as it’s 1:30am here.

So open the object properties and give them all identical name or just any name to fill the box?

Kindest Regards, Jack

I tried a generic name in all of the Rail Sim boxes ‘Alco_S4’.

But still the same issue,

Regards, Jack

Next thing I will try is to install 7.1.3 Alpha and try and export from that. Will report back…

Regards, Jack

Not the same name. for every group another unique name.
I have allways only one object in a group. but I don’t now. The railsm field is per group.

with the alpha I am not happy.

greetings J+�r+�me

I did that, now it exported from 3DC fine but now everytime I try to export in the Asset Manager it just crashes.

I think I’ll give up as this all seems far more complicated than it should be, I can Export to FSX fine, so maybe I should just wait until MSTS X arrives.

Many thanks for all the help,

Regards, Jack

I can understand you.

The asset manager often crashes. Yes. Only for export I use the ‘BlueprintEditor.exe’ direct.
And then I start the route.

In my case it works now.

Ok, it’s in just ran the blueprint editor alone and worked!



How can it be at that angle, it runs along the Z Axis in 3DC, so surely it could only be 90 degrees out? Also what height must the locomotive be in 3DC or is this me getting some numbers wrong in the blue print?

great! but a little bizarre.

I think it is something in 3DC.

use of the plug-in ‘normalize groups’ help?

the ‘pivotpoint’ in 3DC I have on zero for the main object (underframe for yours). This is the track level.

Regards J+�r+�me

Hey J+�r+�me, What’s the best way to move the pivot point without moving the object itself?

I have noticed my bogies pivot points are off too, is there a move pivot to center button?

Cheers, Jack

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