Error 91 rears its ugly head-again

I’ve never had this particular problem with particles. I would like to try this out to see if I can reproduce it. If I can then it should be simple to fix. Can you send me an example? (<!– e –><a href=""></a><!– e –>)


I thought I, and others, were relying too heavily on other programs to enhance 3-DC and decided to do some strictly 3-DC stuff.
andnbsp;Right off the bat I was unable to do a simple particle animation without error 91 coming up. [V-] This is with just a few changes in the options.
andnbsp;I tried it with V-5.7a and don’t get the error- it just locks up.
andnbsp;I spent the 40 minutes downloading the suggested MDAC file only to be told it’s already installed.
andnbsp;Does anyone use this function? Other than short demo’s? Or do you have to change drivers every time you use a different function.

Sony 1.8G
Ram 1G
Radeon 9000 Pro-128mb [ changed from NVidea because of too many lock-ups]

andquot;Updateandquot; doesn’t add extra layers. You would have had to apply the operation multiple times. It is easy to do. I’ve done it myself when what I really meant was to click andquot;udpateandquot;.

BTW the change I made may remove error 91’s unrelated to the Particle operation.


Jeeezee………… Richard, I don’t know how you put up with dolts like me !
Of course that had to be it, re-applying instead of updating. I would update the options then click the apply button.
I would suggest removing a star, but then my friends and family would shun me.
andnbsp;Thanks for the help, KB.

If I andquot;updateandquot; the operation, is that where the extra layers come in? 3 updates ,3 layers? Just a guess. Probably shouldn’t do that, right? Am I adding the layers somehow? duh… andnbsp;well, thanks. I have a feeling that if I install the andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp;andquot; ignore warningandquot; thing, it will just lock up.


Something interesting about what you sent is that there were 3 particle layers applied to the cube. That means the first layer uses the cube as a particle, the second layer uses the resulting object of the first layer as a particle and the third layer uses the resulting object of the second layer as a particle. This results in MANY faces and points created. Basically an extremely complex particle. I think that is the cause of the error 91.

As to a cure… I don’t have one. An probably won’t until sometime next year. But, I do have an update to 3DC that will simply ignore the error. It is available here:
<!– m –><a class="postlink" href=""> …</a><!– m –>
. Use at your own risk since it hasn’t been tested at all.

To Install:

1) Download and unzip to new folder
2) rename 3DC.exe (in your andquot;Amabilisandquot; folder) to 3DC.bak
3) copy 3DC.exe from your new folder to your andquot;Amabilisandquot; folder

To Uninstall:

1) Delete 3DC.exe (from your Amabilis folder)
2) Rename 3DC.bak to 3DC.exe


On its way!

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