Direct X 9 issue

Squid here

Thanks for the advice, it seems that some files were not exactly there. THey looked like they were there the DX tools said they were fine, But they were locked somehow, don’t really understand. Amazingly Windows XP corrected this issue itself. I used the upgrade option, figuring it couldn’t hurt. I had restored all over the place. Although it didn’t exxactly upgrade the system it refreshed it really well, and everything still works including 3DC. I am so happy, I don’t know if this helps anyone else. I will keep an eye out to see if it happens again I have a 3DCWorks restore point now.

Thanks again


Sorry, I was actually referring to squid’s error. He is receiving that error code. You have different problems apparently. xframed.ocx could be in WindowsSystem but you need not look for it since it is definitely not the cause of your problem.

As for your problem: Has 3DC ever run on your computer?


Running REGSVR32 might actually help you. The reason that 3DC is producing that error is that it cannot do something it NEEDs to do. Bypassing the error won’t help.


Ah, sorry I added to the confusion.

3DC used to run on my old Windows 98 computer. andnbsp; Several months ago, I used PC Relocator to move files, 3DC included, andnbsp;from my old 98 computer to this new Win XP system andnbsp;

Unfortunately, I didn’t try out that old version of 3DC on XP between the time of the move and the time (just recently) I discovered there was a newer version out. andnbsp;I simply unistalled the old and installed the new which is giving me the direct x error.

The old 98 machine is still sitting in a corner, so I could try to find the original install files for the old version on it, transfer them to the XP box, uninstall the new version, and then see what the old version does on XP.

But before I do so, I’m wondering if there’s some registry setting or other bit of straggling data that was not properly erased when I uninstalled the old version, and is thus giving wrong directx information to the current install of 3DC.


There are a bunch of things that might have caused the problem you are having. I would suggest:

1) Uninstall (all versions and all LP/Pro Upgrades)

2) Delete your Amabilis and/or 3DC folders (both if you have two). Make sure to back up any documents you may have in these folders

3) Re-install – the latest version


Richard, unfortunately I’ve tried those steps already, several times. andnbsp;I still consistently get the andquot;Directx 6 is installedandquot; message.

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