Direct X 9 issue

You could try system restore like Squid did. Search the Window XP help for andquot;run system restore wizardandquot; and then choose andquot;run the system restore wizardandquot; from the list of topics found. It is pretty straight forward from then. At least you would then know if 3DC ever worked on your XP system.

Richard Borsheim
Amabilis Software

Hello Squid,
andnbsp;I’ve just installed a new video card and DX 9a, and haven’t had any problems. If you tell me the moves, I’ll try it and see what happens. I’ve been busy and haven’t really pushed 3DC 6.004 or 5.7a yet, but i will try to duplicate the error.
andnbsp;I was under the impression that once installed [ DX9] you can’t uninstall it.
andnbsp;Let me know, KB.

It’s me again,
An update of sorts to my previous post.
Removed 3DC completly as it leaves a bunch of stuff in the registry.
Made sure the drivers were up to date, even re- downloaded and re-installed both DX9 and my video card driver.
Now 3DC doesn’t give me a run time error, it tells me I have DX6 installed and won’t run. Although every other program I tried said I have DX9. It seems 3DC is the only program that does not work for me under DX9.
Still trying to figure it out.
I may just have restore back a andnbsp;day.
I enjoy 3DC Pro and this is the first real issue I have had with it.
Any help would be nice
Thanks in advance

Well, I upgraded my direct x to version 9 and 3DC stoped working. I tried to reinstall it but I get the same error:
Run-time error’-2147221503 (80040001)’:
Unable to configure DirectX ensure most recent version of DirectX is installed and Video card drivers are up to date.

Well, I am using the most recent DX and card drivers.
Anyone else have issues with Direct X 9 or know an easy way to fix it?
I am using XP pro and a Geforce 4 ti (4200)


Is your desktop color depth 16 bit or higher?


What type of music do you make? ;D

Sorry it took so long,
I ended up reinstalling everything. It needed it anyway. I haven’t bothered with DX9 again, as I don’t really need it. I reinstalled after Plasma(Music software) wouldn’t install. I went to the cakewalk site and this is what they said:
After installing Microsoft DirectX 9, most Cakewalk products will not install properly. You may receive an error message stating andquot;You must install DirectX 8 to proceedandquot; or andquot;You are not running Windows 95. Please upgrade to Win 98, ME, XP…andquot; Both errors are caused by the presence of Microsoft DirectX 9 on your system. We have learned that since the installers built into several Cakewalk products were designed with earlier versions of DirectX in mind, they have a problem when DirectX 9 is detected.andquot;
This may not have anything to do with my 3DC issue, although same sort of symptom, but worth knowing that some installers don’t like DX9.

Thanks to all that tried to help, everything is happy now.

Oh ya I run at 1600×1200 in 32bit color


Hey, Squid,
andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp;
andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp; andnbsp;DirectX9 is made for the DOTNET Framework. andnbsp;Try downloading v1.1 and reinstalling. andnbsp;It works fine for me.
Hope this helps.
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Hello everyone

It has been a while, all sorts of weirdness happening, like forgetting to enable cookies for the web board. Took a while before I clicked in as to why I could never post even after I log in.
Well I tried the new version of DX9 and no problems at all with installing 3DC or using it. I did a summer clean up and formated and reinstalled everything(again) so the system is nice and clean, no renegade Dlls floating around. <!– s:D –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!– s:D –>

As to what type of music I make, well right now I’m just kind of playing with my loop collection to make somewhat generic, ambient, background sort of stuff. Im not really trying for any certain genre or sound right now as I have no projects needing music. I’m playing and seeing what evolves. andnbsp;House loops with Classical is interesting.

Thanks for all the help


Another update and 3DC won’t go again. It is starting to look like I have to format the computer if I want to use 3DC again, or find new 3d software. As my computer doesn’t seem to like it
3DC once again thinks I am running DX6.

I still have an:
AMD 2ghz, 1gig pc 2700 ram, GF4ti 4200(asus v9280s), Sound Blaster Audigy
Screen resolution is 1600 x1200 at 32bit
XPpro All patches to date.
The latest Asus Video Card drivers(45.23)
My DX build is 9.x build(902) according to everything except 3DC. I checked in the Video Card properties, and DX diagnostics and both said same build of DX9 with no errors.

I have tried many other peices of software including the latest build of DarkBasic, Game Maker5.1, Photoshop 7, Edition, Tron and some others. Not all of them are DX9 apps but the ones that are seem to run fine.

I completly unistalled 3DC, there sure are alot of registry entries. Deleted the directories. Made sure there wasn’t a trace of it anywhere. Then reinstalled. I have done this a good number of times now.

I think 3DC would probably run just fine, but there is no option to bypass the test, so I just get the Update your DX version. I don’t know what it is that andnbsp;3DC is getting the DX6 info from.

Well if you need any more info or have any more ideas Please let me know, I will try to visit every day or so.

You mentioned andquot;Another update and 3DC won’t go againandquot;. What update did you make?

Do you receive an error message?

Have you tried the system restore wizard of XP to restore to a point in the past when 3DC worked?


The version I installed was the last version I hadinstalled was

I don’t know just how far back you would like me to restore my system to, so If I restored it to just after I have unistalled the older version worked before I uninstalled it)
After I fix a few DLL issues for my firewall and time tracker that were damaged in the restore. Rebooted.
andnbsp;Then I reinstall the new version and I have the same issue just like the first time.
If I go back to before 3DC is unistalled and install the new one I get a andquot;Run-time error `-2147221503 (800400010`: Unable to configure DirectXandquot; If the older version is unistalled it tells me It didn’t shut down properly and has to run test then That I have DX 6 and need DX8 or better.
I tried the newest version and same thing.
I think something else may be the actual cause of the problem, but 3DC is the only app. that refuses to run. I know you can’t make an option just for me but I really think 3DC would run If I could just have the option to continue although warned that my DX version may be incompatible and cause errors etc.
Thanks for the ideas, and help, I am going to see if I can find any other odd things that may have caused it. I do like 3DCas, so I would like to make it go again.

Well Thanks again

Well, there’s no number displayed when the error message is given, but I looked for that file anyway. Doesn’t look like it’s there. (I uninstalled and reinstalled again to make sure it wasn’t missing because of a bad install.) Only ocx files are 3dcdevice.ocx, 3dceditport.ocx, 3dcviewport.ocx, 3dctexture.ocx. Could this file being absent be the cause? ???

The exact error message I get is: andquot;DirectX 6 is installed on this system. andnbsp;3DC requires DirectX 8 or higher which is available at andquot;;. andnbsp;DirectX 8 is not available for Windows NT 4.0andquot;.

I am having the exact same problem when trying to run in Win XP Home. andnbsp;It starts the compatability test, and then tells me it cannot run because I have directX 6 installed, when in actuality I have directX 9 installed.

Various other 3D programs I own (Vue d’Esprit, Tron 2.0, Blitz 3D) are working fine under directX 9, and I just updated my NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4400 drivers last weekend, so I really think this is 3DC not properly recognizing directx 9. andnbsp;If this is the case, andnbsp;the Compatability test should be written so it gives you a warning, but does not actually prevent you from using the program. andnbsp;I would really like to use 3DC. andnbsp;:(

If you are receiving error andquot;-2147221503andquot; you may be able to correct it by the following:

There should be a file called andquot;xframed.ocxandquot; in your 3DC (or amabilis) folder. Open a command prompt, change to that folder (likely via andquot;cd program filesamabilisandquot;) and type andquot;regsvr32 xframed.ocxandquot;.


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