deform tool (Resolved)

I have this fixed.

8.1 build 1267 freeware version

add a sphere
select deform tool
the highlighted points are not showing correctly – only the points along the top of the sphere are highlighting.

I don’t see what’s not correct.

From what I just tried, all the points within the reach of the deform tool sphere are properly highlighted, whatever the position of the tool on the sphere.

Is there a difference when using the freeware version and the one I use (Pro version)?

grab from freeware version

It’s OK for me too. It could be a driver issue, or a bug. I remember seeing something like this on an older computer.

Does the point selection work properly for you Alan? I mean does the point you think you are selecting get highlighted and then selected and highlighted? On a sphere like this.

Works ok – just highlighting the wrong points –

I’m on windows 7 64 bit. ati radeon 4600 series card -driver version 8.690.0.0 (catalyst 10.1)

I will try it on the nvidia machine over the weekend.

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