default grid just don’t work (awaiting user input)

My PC’s system is Windows XP. I just finished installation of 3DCrafter 8 and at my first trial to use it, it failled. The 3D grid don’t show and the primitives refuses to slide on the main window when I try to drag and drop any volume on my work space.

Can it be a plugin missing or another Activex version to add to my computer? I don’t know

My PC’s system is MS Windows XP. I just finished install 3DCrafter 8 and the grid do not appear as I suppose it should. I also have a problem with th drag and drop feature witch do not work when I tried to drag n drop a primitive on my workspace. Here I join a picture of what happened.
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You may have to turn it on [Right-Click] on background – then SELECT &quot;View/Grid&quot; for options…



I believe you may have an issue with your install or system… I use 3DC825 on an XP Netbook without an issue – LOL – well other than being slow…


As I indicated in an earlier message, I am also having a problem seeing the grid with the latest version of 3D Crafter when installed in a machine with the XP operating system – though in my case the program crashes as soon as I move the mouse and I get an error message informing that the display driver has stopped working. The display then reverts to a basic four colour default screen. I have never had a similar problem before this and the earlier versions of the program (7.1.2 and 3DC 8.1600) do work correctly. I installed the program on my Laptop with Windows 7 and it installed and displays correctly. So I deduce that something in the most recent version of the program seems to have triggered this behaviour in XP.


I don’t have an XP system. But, maybe if I run in some sort of compatability mode in Windows 7 I’ll be able to reproduce it. I’ll do some investigating.

I think this was reported by another. Perhaps an issue with 3DC and XP. I don’t have XP, but am hoping to reproduce it via XP compatiblity mode in some way.

I attempted to reproduce this using &quot;xp compatibility&quot; mode, with no luck.

Is anyone successfully using 3DC 8.2.7 with XP? Can you give me graphics card details? I’ll ask the same for those who it doesn’t work for.

On my second machine, Win XP Home servicepack 3, the grid shows correct.
Using 3DCrafter 8.2.7

Here my graphics card details

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz (1862 MHz)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, 32-bit (Service Pack 3)
DirectX version: 9.0c
GPU processor: GeForce 7600 GT
Driver version: 182.50
Core clock: 560 MHz
Memory clock: 700 MHz (1400 MHz data rate)
Memory interface: 128-bit
Memory: 256 MB
Video BIOS version:
IRQ: 16
Bus: PCI Express x16



Thanks Gerrit.

Can someone who is having problems let me know what their windows version and graphics/card chip is? Thanks.

Hi Richard,

The OP must have a local issue as I was using 3DC825 on my XP Service Pack 3 Netbook without an issue… LOL – well – other than the ones I reported here…
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I am still experiencing the problem I mentioned above with the most recent version 8.2.7 (1111) (i.e. program freezes and reverts to basic four colour screen) when I use XP, SP2. Installing on my Laptop with Windows 7 works without any problems. Earlier versions are working on XP (the first version that does not work is 8.2.5). I never installed SP3 as I had heard that it can cause some problems. My PC is fairly old (Dell Optiplex) with inbuilt graphics card. 3DC 7.1.2 and all versions of 3DC Canvas 8 and Crafter up to 8.2.5 install and display correctly. Very mysterious.



Wow – yeah – I had one of those Optiplex’s years ago – it is getting a bit old… It’s strange that the versions up to 825 worked… If something was changed in the program and exceeds the capability of your video card – I really can’t help… Just an FYI: Service Pack 3 has been out for a very long time and it’s been stable for a while now… XP is rapidly nearing the end of its service life… I heard something about MS discontinuing support – but – I don’t know the date… If you don’t upgrade to Service Pack 3 it can be pretty detrimental… When the service packs are behind – you don’t get any of the newer security patches or fixes – so it can leave your PC pretty vulnerable… If you really want to try and get 3DC working – I would try the following – load Service Pack 3 and then make sure all the newer patches get installed… Once that is done – I would just make sure you attempt to get the latest/last driver package for your video card and install that as well… Then cross your fingers and try 3DC again… Hope this helps…


I’ll give that a try over the week-end. I use the laptop for most of my work (both official and private) and for that reason was reluctant to consider up-grading my PC which I mainly use for model building as I find it much easier to use the normal keyboard and larger screen for that purpose. But I may need to re-consider if this continues to be a problem.

I downloaded a trial version of 3D Max recently and that works perfectly on the PC as do older programs such as MSTS and Photoshop. (Railworks never worked on it – I have that on the Laptop).


For information, I installed SP3, removed all references to 3D Crafter, including in the registry and re-installed the most recent version. Unfortunately, the problem I have persists – no grid appears, the program freezes when I move the mouse and the display reverts to a basic 4 colour default. I re-installed the earlier versions I still have (7.1.2) and 3DC 8 and they do display correctly. I am now thinking of re-installing whole XP operating system to see if this makes a difference. I know I may appear to be a luddite, but I still prefer to use XP than either Vista or Windows 7. I think the problem is with my PC and not the program.


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