Creating a face from selected points?

Well – Go figure!

I just reinstalled the plug in, opened up 3DC and now it is there and it works. Not sure why it was not showing before, but I am happy now.

If only someone could help me get the animation timeline working, I would be happier. (see Technical Support Forum)

Does this function exist as I am sure I used it before but I can no longer find it? I have an object and I want to create a face to seal the end, I can’t use solidify as I have windows etc cut out, so I wanted to select the points around the end and then create a face.

Any ideas?

Many thanks, Jack

I would:
First select tree points, then use plugin andgt; object builder andgt; create triangle. and so on
or create a Face with the points you need and then weld them to the object-points.

Greetings J+�r+�me

Thanks J+�r+�me, I will try those methods.

Regards, Jack

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Cheers Bazza, I’ll have a read!

Regards, Jack

I have the CreateTriangle.dll installed in my plugin folder, but the actual plug in does not appear in the list of plugins when I open plugin andgt; object builder. (or anywhere else in the plug in list)

What do I need to do to get the plug in to appear and be useable?

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