Creating 3D models in other programs

Richard, I have noticed that how I create the 3D objects in other programs can affect how 3D objects are displayed in 3DC and MSTS. For example, if I use boolean operations in TurboCAD to combine two or more 3D objects into one 3D object, all faces are shown in 3DC. If I use the Group command in TurboCAD, a face is missing from the end wall in 3DC. I’ll stop using the distance levels for now. Jeffrey.


The only two programs known to exist that will work consistently and properly for export to MSTS are 3DSMax and 3DC. andnbsp;The conversion program supplied with the game to convert models to the MSTS shape format doesn’t work, unless the .3ds file was created with Max. andnbsp;Many people probably are accustomed to certain programs to do much of their modelling, but use 3DC to finalize the model and export to MSTS.

Personally, 3DC makes much more sense to me than any other modelling program I’ve tried, so I do all modelling in 3DC now. andnbsp;I have to admit, though, that at times it seems a little difficult to get extremely [i:ixmdust3]precise[/i:ixmdust3] with 3DC, so that’s probably one reason people use more than one program.

Sorry for such a long-winded answer! andnbsp;::)

When you create 3D models in other programs like AutoCAD 2000, what will you do in the other program to take sure that th3 3D model can be imported into 3DC Pro correctly? Sometimes, 3D models that were created in other programs and imported into 3DC Pro have andquot;missingandquot; faces. I know that there is a tutorial on importing 3D models that were created in other programs into 3DC Pro and fixing problems with andquot;missingandquot; faces but I think it’s better to fix the problems in the other program before exporting the 3D model. Let’s say that I’m creating a passenger station platform that has four 3D boxes in AutoCAD 2000. One large 3D box forms the side platform and three small 3D boxes form walls around the side platform. Should I combine the four 3D boxes into one object in the other program or not? Sometimes, combining two or more objects into one object in the other program causes weird problems in 3DC Pro such as extra faces that cause texture mapping problems. I know that the andquot;Divideandquot; command in 3DC divides one object into four objects. I wish that the andquot;Divideandquot; command divides one object into two objects. Jeffrey.

Why not bypass the middleman and do it all in 3DC?

It works for me. When I build level geometry, I keep a calculator handy and scratch paper as well. I build my stuff at 1:100 or 1:1000 scale and when everything’s finalized, I scale it all up to 1:1 and hit export.

Mind you, I don’t do anything related to MSTS, so if there’s a reason AutoCAD is preferable to you, then it’s all the same to me anyway. But I generally don’t like extra layers of redundancy, especially when it causes import problems.

-Mel Ebbles

I can use 3DC to create simple 3D objects such as straight passenger station platforms and buildings but I don’t know how to use 3DC to create curved 3D objects such as curved passenger station platforms. The Extrude tool in 3DC is confusing. Jeffrey.

I use TurboCAD Professional 6.5 and export the models as .3ds files which import in to 3DC complete and hassle-free.

kimdurose, After you create 3D models in Turbo CAD, export them to 3DS files, and import them into 3DC, are all of the faces there? Jeffrey.

If you enble andquot;Two-sided renderingandquot; (Tools-]Options-]Device) are the holes still there?

andquot;Missing Facesandquot; is likely caused by the faces pointing the wrong direction (being inverted). There is a tutorial on importing models that should help.


Richard, I went through the tutorial on importing 3D models created using other programs into 3DC and fixing the problems but it doesn’t work on my 3D models.

I know that you said that the tutorial on importing didn’t help, but faces are pointing the wrong way, and the only way I know to fix it is described in the tutorial.

Perhaps someone else knows a better way?


Richard, I used TurboCAD 7.0 Pro to create a station platform from three 3D boxes, exported it to 3DS file, imported it into 3DC 4.5 Pro and all the faces appeared. I applied textures to it, exported it to MSTS shape file, ran it through FFEDIT, and placed it in Route Editor. Some faces were andquot;missingandquot;. I checked the andquot;Two-Sided Renderingandquot; option in 3DC and it was turned off. Jeffrey.

Can you send me the 3DC file and all applicable textures to: <!– e –><a href=""></a><!– e –>. I’ll check it to see why they aren’t showing up in MTS.


Richard, If I enable andquot;Two-Sided Renderingandquot;, the 3D object appears on the scene correctly with all the faces appearing. If I disable andquot;Two-Sided Renderingandquot;, the 3D object appears on the scene with some faces andquot;missingandquot;. I think that AutoCAD caused the problems after I use 3D boolean operations on 3D objects. Jeffrey.

Richard, I got full version of TurboCAD 7.1 Pro today, created the station platform using three 3D boxes, exported it to 3DS file, imported it into 3DC 4.5 Pro, applied textures to platform, exported it to MSTS shape file, ran FFEDIT program on it, and placed it in Route Editor with all faces showing. The TurboCAD 7.0 Pro that I downloaded from IMSI web site was the demo version. Jeffrey.

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