Crash when merging. . .

Oh, and by the way, I downloaded and installed the 4.22 beta, and the problem persisted. andnbsp;I also have the latest WHQL certified video drivers.

I have also attached an image of the error box.

Hello Richard,

I am having a pretty big problem with my caboose :-/

Basically, I have many separate pieces as different objects in different frames. To export to MSTS, I’m merging all of the pieces together. However, once I get to a certain point, every time I try to merge any more objects I get an error message very similar to the andquot;crash when painting facesandquot; problem (unrecoverable error. . .#91, then an exception message saying there was an error in D3DRM.dll). It does this when merging, creating a union, and adjusting the hierarchy.

My question is, is this a previously known issue? I did a search on the board and couldn’t find anything, but I suppose something could’ve gotten lost in the move. Also, can you think of anything right off the top of your head that would cause this?

It is also possible I could’ve done something somewhere along the line that andquot;corruptedandquot; my file somewhat, as I saved the completely unmerged file, and kept it as a backup. When I go back to this file and try to merge again, the crashes begin at different points each time I start over.

Anyone have any ideas?

Well, I played around with it tonight, and eventually got it to merge. andnbsp;I’m using the merge operation to merge all of the individual objects into one object, which makes up the andquot;Bodyandquot; an object in the Main frame.

Anyway, I got it to work by opening the Object Layer window and deleting the redundant or unnecessary layers. andnbsp;I had accumulated a whole lot of previous merges and material applications, which were unnecessary because they were in some way undone. andnbsp;I deleted all of these unused operations for each object I wanted to merge, and the merging went much more smoothly. andnbsp;I tried just compacting the layers for each object, but that didn’t seem to help. andnbsp;I had to go through each object and manually delete the layers I wanted to get rid of.

Does this make sense? andnbsp;Do you still want me to send you the model, Richard?

I’m not sure if we are talking about the same thing here. <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –>
I agree about the wheels and bogies, but on the Scotsman model the wheel object is inside its own frame which in turn is inside the bogie frame. I was refereing to stacking objects, without their own individual frames. I did it by dragging several objects from ungrouped frames into the Main frame. That sounds ridiculous.. so i’ll attach an image <!– s:) –><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!– s:) –> A picture and all that……. Sorry if this turns out to be nothing like the problem you were describing.


Can you send me the model or is it too big? No need to send textures. <!– e –><a href=""></a><!– e –>


I might be missing something, but I’ve tried to put the objects into the same frame, but adjusting the objects in the hierarchy also causes a crash. andnbsp;I have also exported models with multiple objects in the Main frame (that’s how the bogies and wheels are identified and animated by the game), but I just can’t seem to even put the objects into the Main frame.

I didn’t have this problem before, so I’m considering going back to an older version of my model and trying again from there.

hi troub,

If you want, you can try a workaround for the time being. I made two programs, one to convert X to RWX, and one to do the opposite. andnbsp;The trick I propose is this: RWX treats all objects on one frame as the same object (actually, it merges them), so if you put all your objects on the same frame (assuming this is posible in your case), export to DirectX, convert to RWX and back, and reimport, your object will be merged. andnbsp;You may have to adjust the parameters of the materials with the script Richard has posted for this.

You can dl x2rwx and rwxThing at:
<!– m –><a class="postlink" href=""></a>&lt;!– m –>

If you still have it in a state where a merge causes a crash then yes, I would like to have it so I can fix it. Thanks.


Exception box, which appears after clicking OK on the andquot;unrecoverable errorandquot; box:

troub, sorry if I’ve misunderstood the problem, but I interpret your comments to the effect that you want to merge mulitiple objects in a frame into a single object for MSTS export. I’ve successfully exported models to MSTS with multiple objects in the Main frame and each having a different material map.

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