CONV3DS on Exported 3DS File

I would have to guess that it is similar to the problem that narrowed the field of programs that could produce models for MSTS (LOTS of modellers export to .3ds, but most of those exported files don’t work with conv3ds). andnbsp;The .3ds files that conv3ds expects seem to be of a very specific format–I think it is the 3DStudioMax format, which is different from the original .3ds format. andnbsp;As I understand it, the 3DSMax format is closely guarded by the developer, whereas the older .3ds format is common and open.

This information comes from discussions in which I participated before 3DC came on the MSTS scene, and the ONLY program that would work (even though countless others exported to .3ds) was 3DStudioMax.

Don’t know for sure, just a guess.

I have been interested in generating distance LOD’s of my MSTS models. andnbsp;I understand how to use the Unoptimized and Optimized options in the TS Wizard, but I would like to get more control. andnbsp;I thought I would try exporting to 3DS format and then converting to .S with the MSTS CONV3DS utility. andnbsp;There seems to be some incompatibility here. andnbsp;I am getting the following message:

[size=3:4jcqgnzt][tt]C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesTrain SimulatorUTILS]conv3ds testcube.s testcube200.3ds
While reading level of detail 1 from ‘testcube200.3ds’
Node has a scale or reflection in it, these are not supported.

This was a simple cube textured with a bitmap, Diffuse 60, Ambient 20, Spec 0, Trans 0.

Would you have any thoughts on why this doesn’t work?



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