Bay Window Texture Problems

Sometimes with heavily deformed objects it can be difficult to select a particular point or edge. One thing you can try is to right-click on a face that the edge is part of select andquot;Select-]Edgesandquot;. Then you can de-select any edges you don’t want.

I don’t really understand why you would be selecting edges if you are texturing though.


My problem is shown on attached screenshot. andnbsp;Can’t seem to get this line to close giving me a complete front section of bay window to texture properly. andnbsp;Any tips? andnbsp; I s…l…o…w…l…y figuring this program out. andnbsp; Textures seem to be a big stumbling block right now…but if I can figure out how to close these divided boxes it will be moving along nicely.
Joe Cooney, Ocala, FL

Could you explain what andquot;closeandquot; means in this particular circumstance?


Many, many thanks.. All is well in andquot;My Projectandquot; country.
Joe C. andnbsp;Have a great week. andnbsp; andnbsp;Easter is coming!

The wizard handles this automatically.


Bravo……….No need to delete faces. andnbsp;Got it to work with your suggestion. andnbsp;Clicked on one of the sides of that section and got the correct face to select using andquot;Select Facesandquot; as you advised. andnbsp; One additional question. andnbsp;If the textures I’m using on this station came from two different texture bitmaps will the program recognize that when exporting to MSTS or should I place them all on the same 512×512 bitmap? I notice that some projects are one more than one ACE file in MSTS. andnbsp;Is this handled automatically or do I have to tell the program to look on two different bitmaps for the textures.

Thanks for all your help.

You can delete layers if you want to revert to an earlier version.


If it has been deformed it may be difficult to select/paint. If so, right-click on one of its edges (any one you can select) and click andquot;Select-Facesandquot;. This will select the face and another one. Deselect the one you don’t want to paint and then use the Fill operation.


I do understand the basics of the paint tool and texture wraps. andnbsp;The problem is that andquot;I can’t click on (select) that particular faceandquot; for some reason. andnbsp;It may have become hopelessly subdivided during my manipulation of the bay window to achieve the effect I was looking for. andnbsp;Thanks for the link to the tutorial…..I’ll keep trying.
Joe C.

The Paint tool doesn’t work? You may want to look at the andquot;Using Texturesandquot; tutorial:

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I am trying to apply a texture only to the front of the bay window. andnbsp;I don’t want to go to unwrap and then highlight each individual subsection to isolate that front part of the bay window ONLY! andnbsp;Is there a better way to do this???
Thanks for your help! JC

As you can see from the screenshot.. when I attempted to select that top line I can only highlight the line of the block immediately behind it which is not the area I want to texture…. maybe when I extruded that front of the bay window by creating the lines at the points I needed them it messed something up on the top line????

Thanks Richard … I’ll give it a try. andnbsp;If it is hopelessly deformed from my tinkering can I revert back to square one in the hierarchy of steps do undo what I loused up? andnbsp;Or do I have to start from scratch?

I mean to andquot;selectandquot; it so the four sides andquot;encloseandquot; the area of the front of the bay window so I can apply a texture to only those surfaces when I select them.

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