ATTN: Richard! This would be a beeeautiful option!

Ok, thanks for giving it a shot, though! Also, now we have an idea of things to look out for (translucency and brightness). Thanks Richard!

I suppose you mean translucency, not including transparency. . .? andnbsp;The SD40 model I posted has transparent cab windows, and from the .s file, it looks like the only sub objects are for the whole body, the bogies, and the wheels. andnbsp;So the object with transparency (the body) is also shiny. andnbsp;I assume it would be different if the windows were translucent?

Hi Richard,

That’s fine by me, it is simple enough to manually edit the .s files where necessary.

Regards – Mike.

I’ve nearly finished changes to my Shape file manager that allow the changes to be made by selecting a few radio buttons agains the groups.
it will also allow changes to the darker shades (DrkShd and HlfBrt used by 3d Max textures)

So long as the group names are meaningful, the process should be straightforward.

The andquot;brightandquot; option (value -8 ) is completely seperate to the HiShine/LoSHine options (value -6, -7)

I’m still finishing a couple of other bits on the scaling of models side so it should be out by Saturday (I hope)


Yes, translucency can result in a second sub-object. (or perhaps always results in a second sub-object. I forget the exact details.)


Hi again,

A small announcement – the Shape File Manager Version 2 is now available at [img:3glw1vls][/img:3glw1vls]
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An explorer style interface for andquot;adjustingandquot; S files…

Options include
Compress/Uncompress S files (the updated newshape.bnf is required if the model has animations)
Edit with wordpad
Specular highlighting fix for uncompressed files – allows you to change the mode of any group to various shine/shade levels.
Scaling (with optional independant X,Y,Z) – so when real narrow gauge comes along we can scale all of Kevins lovely locos – now also scales sd/wag/eng file parameters and animations

It is written with Javascript/DHTML as an HTML Application – some anti-virus software may not like it, but it is safe to run (source code is viewable) it does disk and registry read/writes

the zipped file is only 8K so if you have trouble downloading, it’s small enough for me to e-mail to anyone.




That sounds good to me. I’ll have to have a better look at it one day.

So, is it possible to have translucent-specular windows?


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