Al’s back to basics – part 1

Alan, this is a really nice basic hint which is still useful today, although I see you posted it in 2002! Thanks!

Unfortunately the link in the forum does not seem to be ‘clickable’ (I extracted the url and went to it directly) I can add the link to the resource wiki, but it would be great if you could repair the link in your post … people do go back and look at these! ^_^

Edit: Hmm there is probably more to this than I thought.. I do see some flash tutorials, but this one looks as if it should have been viewable directly from the forum? (this could be a problem on my side, I’m not sure). Anyway.. a direct link to url does work.. although it then plays a bit too large and acquires a bit of fuzziness…

I’d just like to say that even your older tips and tutorials are extremely helpful!


Thanks troub – part 3 soon (weekend, I hope)

Great tutorials Alan! andnbsp;That tool for the flash animations is awesome. . .


Absolutely fantastic…… tutorials like that take alot of the guess work or misunderstandings out of the picture. I can only hope, ( and wishing!!!! ) that you could find it in your heart ( and have time for ) tutorials on more complex things… andnbsp;I am one who really needs alot of help….. thanks and great work………

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