A Little Tip

The lathe seems a bit temperamental (but this could be because I haven’t read the instructions on it yet !). I think you are starting on the inside of your object and then working out…..you need to do the outside first before removing the inside and also work from top to bottom.

When i use the lathe tool the objects come out inverted, this makes it so that it doesnt react to light and you cannot paint the faces individually. Use the invert tool to fix this problem. Maybe its just me, if you have had this problem then speak up.

Yeah. That’s it. The basic rule is work top to bottom. This is just one of those andquot;3Dandquot; things. A face’s point order defines which direction it faces, and which side is visible. There might be some clever way to make this andquot;automaticandquot;, but I doubt it.


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