Stops working… (awaiting user input)

Just got this program a couple of weeks ago. Was on the version before, and was getting these "program has stopped working errors", so I just installed the newest version. Seems to be a bit better, (as in it takes longer to crash…) but I’m still getting these errors. They seem to be at random, all of a sudden when I click on something, the cursor goes to the Windows busy mode, then the Construction window goes blank, then disappears, the title bar shows "(not responding)", then the Windows "Program has stopped responding, select end program or wait for program to respond" message box pops up. When I restart the program, it tells me it terminated abnormally and offers to restore the scene I was working on. If I tell it to restore, I get most of my work back, but I seem to be missing several steps…

Running Windows7 Ultimate 64bit, on an Intel Core I7 965, 12 GB RAM. NVidia GeForce GTX 570.

Any hot ideas??

Update… managed to have it work for an hour and a half (saving frequently) today. Saw another link that suggested running in administrator mode. Set it to run as administrator, and it would not get past the loading screen. Took it back to normal mode and it loads right up.

Have you tried other versions of 3DC? I’d be curious to hear how version 7 works, if you can find a copy. Maybe download.com has older versions? Others here can point you in the direction also.

I’m wondering if this is a version 8 issue, or just a 3DC on your computer issue. Both are definitely possibilities.

Hi Mike,

If you need the 3DC7 software just PM me…


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